Thursday, 9 April 2015

Salesforce Admin 201 Certification Preparation


Let’s make no bones about it the Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 is a tough certification to attain, remembering the Salesforce limits is tough as well as having to stop your thought process running away thinking “I know this can be achieved this way but would it be considered best practice”. There is a fine balance with the Salesforce Administrator exam between knowing too much and knowing to little. This is a certification however where corners cannot be cut, you either know it or you don’t.

Use Your Free Dev Org
To use an analogy from cycling when a reporter once asked Fausto Coppi (a famous cyclist) what it took to be a great champion, he replied “Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike”. The Salesforce equivalent would be “Use your Dev Org, use your Dev Org, use your Dev Org”. It is paramount that you sign up for a free Dev Org (and use it) in order to expand your Salesforce knowledge, try out new functionality, find different ways of reaching a solution and most importantly will back up your knowledge in a practical way. In a perfect world we would all get the entire experience from our Salesforce based roles but this is very rare. Using the Salesforce Dev Org is fun too, like a big jigsaw puzzle.
Resources For Passing Salesforce Administrator Exam

Specific Areas To Pass The Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201)
ü  Standard Objects and Data Model
ü  Organization Wide Defaults (OWD)
ü  Record Types
ü  Salesforce Limits
ü  Role Hierarchy
ü  Security
ü  Roles and Profiles
ü  Lead assignment rules
ü  Reporting & Dashboards
ü  Chatter

Standard Objects and Data Model

Organization Wide Defaults (OWD)

Record Types

Salesforce Limits

Role Hierarchy


Roles and Profiles
ü  Roles 
ü  Profiles 

Lead assignment rules

Reporting & Dashboards

ü  Chatter (CoD)

For Preparation refer below links :

Sample Mock Question Part #1. (Click Here To Download)
Sample Mock Question Part #2. (Click Here To Download)
Sample Mock Question Part #3. (Click Here To Download)

Happy Learning !!


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