Monday, 11 May 2015

Install IDE in Eclipse

First step to start with coding in is to install the IDE in Eclipse. I will target the new version of eclipse which is Kepler. IDE is supported in Eclipse Juno as well as Eclipse Kepler.
So, we will start with launching the Eclipse.

then goto Help ->  Software Update / Install new software…

Then Add site.
  1. Click “Add Site”. The Add Site dialog opens.
  2. Set the Name to “ IDE” and the Location to ““, then click “OK.”

After you add the site, you will get the list of all available plugins, click on and then click Next.
In the Install dialog, click “Next” then accept the terms and click.

follow the instructions and IDE will be installed.
After Installation, Create new Project of type

As You can see in above snap following details needed while creating the salesforce project.
  • Salesforce UserName
  • Salesforce Password
  • Salesforce Security Token

 Happy Coding !!


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